Computer Firemen

When your computer is in distress, Computer Firemen are here to extinguish the problem. We are ready to help you get back up and running! Call us at 877-832-4209


24/7 Emergency Service

No matter the time, day or night, our team is ready to tackle your computer emergencies.

Malware Removal

We specialize in eradicating malware to keep your system safe and secure.

Scam Victim Assistance

If you’ve been scammed, we can help restore your system and secure your data.

Network Setup

From home offices to mid-sized businesses, we ensure your network runs smoothly and efficiently.

Need Immediate Computer Rescue?

The Computer Firemen are standing by to help.  Call us at (877)832-4209 or text (209)753-4363 for immediate help, no matter when.